Friday, 28 August 2009

Jeremy Scott Gimme What You Got!

I'm a sucker for sequins and a sucker for sneakers, put the two together and what do you get? Jeremy Scotts latest creation as part of the Originals by Originals range, THATS WHAT!
With either the silver looking like a discoball or the purple reflecting like a kaleidoscope, I'm having difficulty picking my favourite and picking the one's I'd like to moonwalk onto the dancefloor in, FOR SURE!

Ever since he launched his first collection, which included black fringed mini dresses with the Originals logo peaking through in gold, the leopard print hoodie with added tail and ears, or the mini tracksuit dripping with HUGE shiny sequins, I've had a wish list longer than the M25.

So considering my miserable bank balance at this present time, I'm guessing Mr Jezza will have to hold onto those size 3's and my list will have to get a whole lot longer........sigh.

Jeremy Scott and Adidas - JS Sequin Superstar.

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