Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Total Head Fart.

Why the hell do I still feel like this? : (


This coming Monday I am going to be shooting a music video for the re-release of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood track 'Relax'. I'm only going to be an extra but still I'm pretty excited, one step at a time!! The director for the video worked on the 'Crazy in Love' vid for Beyonce, so that just got me even more excited!
Also I finally ventured to Portabello Road today, WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN?!?! I have been missing out, it's amazing!

Dream House.

I would be extremely happy if my house looked like this some day....

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I really do...



Yay yay yay!!! Just got tickets to see Speech Debelle next Wednesday! Sooo excited, I can't stop listening to her at the moment. Roll on next week!!

Ostwald Helgason.

Came across this stuff on Asos and I think I need it all, the print is just god damn fabulous!

Paloma Faith.

For some reason I'm quite liking Paloma Faith, I love 'New York' and 'Stone cold sober' grew on me. It's just fun pop music but I think she has a great voice and a great look. Me likes.

Feeling blue...

Not feeling too wonderful today, I'm poorly AGAIN!! For like the millionth time this year, I never get poorly but this year I seem to have been getting it all : ( also mind is wondering all over the place and is exhausting me. I am in need of a cat today, I want to be like this picture. Ah well, I've got banana's in the oven, warm banana with brown sugar on top, comfort food. Yum.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Andrej Pejic

I actually thought this guy was a girl when I first saw this picture! A guy can't be that pretty! It's just not fair!

Halloween dance clip.

The only part of the Fame film that almost blew me away, almost, not quite. Shame I'd already watched it Youtube before hand.

More slut than subtle...

I have been wanting this one piece for sooooo long and I went to try it the other day and was so upset when I ended up looking like an absolute tart now that I have suddenly sprouted a pair haha! Seems like only the flat chested can pull this off whilst still looking tasteful. Gutted I tell you.

Im getting the chop!

So I just offered to be a hair model and they have decided that this is what they want to do to me....OH MY JESUS CHRIST! I'm crapping myself, I've been wanting a change for a while so I just thought f**k it and agreed, but now I am nervous as hell for the 18th of October when all this is going to happen as I have never gone shorter than a bob before. Hopefully if what people say is true, that I look kinda like Elisha Cuthbert, I'll come out looking alright. I shall post the pics when have some, that's only if I'm happy with it that is......

Early start today, my PG Tips commercial recall was silly early, the sun hadn't even risen when I rolled out of bed. Saw my lucky fox on the way home though so hopefully he'll work his sly foxy magic and help get me the job. So seen as I was in the area I went on a hunt to find the Jeremy Scott shop and when I found it, it was closed!! Not a happy bunny, oh well, I toddled off to 'House of Frasier' instead and bought the tights below ; ) that's one out of the three things purchased! Woop!
Oh, another major disappointment, Fame was terrible. Like reeeeaally really bad. Poop. Ah well I suppose it put me in the mood for class tomorrow....

Sunday, 27 September 2009

"Red and yellow and pink and greeeen.."

I shall have to start rocking these nails next, blue just isn't enough anymore!

Pure Class.

Nothing better than abit of Chanel monochrome, how amazing these would look with a black mini dress and jet black toenails.....daydream...

I need these in my life...

Never seen that before!

So it was a night of pure jokes last night in Shoreditch, out for a friends birthday with LOT'S of lovely cider flowing, lot's of booty shaking to the likes of Justice, Outcast and Dead Prez, we didn't think the night would get any better until myself and Eve came across some urinals that were in the street!! I have never seen this before and was completely amazed by it! They stink to high heaven but I suppose it's one way to stop guys peeing against someones wall...amazing!

Saturday, 26 September 2009


So I'm going to watch the new 'Fame' film tomorrow night with a few dance buddies. We all know it's going to be cheese on a stick, possibly with a bit of pineapple stuck on the end too, but it has got to be seen. The original was the first ever dance film I ever saw and then the stage show was the first ever thing I watched at the theatre, and the infamous 'Out here on my own' was my audition song to get me into college, so needless to say, 'Fame' means alot to me. I'm not sure whether it's going to beat the original but I am sure it'll put some fire and inspiration back into my belly, we all need to be reminded of the reason why we put ourselves through audition after audition with no penny after no penny once in a while.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Anthony Hamilton.

Forgot how good this album was, with eliments of Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Marvin Gaye, tied in with some serious laid back RnB, this is perfect for chilling out and winding down. My soundtrack of today infact.

My Lady Muse!

This is Tokyo based DJ "Mademoiselle Yulia". She has the most amazing style ever and the best hair in the whole wide world!

Cosy Day...

I am having a day a nothing today as I have had a craaaaazy week and feel like I haven't stopped, which has been fun and it looks like next week is panning out to be the same aswell. The sun is blazing so I should really be outside but I'm feeling this picture sums up my mood quite well....sleepy and snuggly....yawn.

eerm, I don't need no stylist?!

I just want that dog....I'd name him 'Grant'.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Speech Debelle.

What a name! I love it, Speech Debelle! The Mercury Prize winner of this year and boy does she deserve it. Her sound is fresh and witty, and its nice to see a female doing this kind of music well. I got told about her from a guy I may possibly end up working with, and this excites me as he worked with her too! Check her myspace....

Yeah so, a little bit of wee just came out...

OOOOOHHH MY GOD!!! My favorite man of the moment Jeremy Scott has opened a 'pop up store' on Newburgh Street in London, to catch in on all the LFW festivities. It opened last Saturday the 19th and will be closing this Monday the 28th (sad face). So I know exactly what I will be doing this weekend, hunting it down!! Who fancies loaning me, say like....a grand?!