Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yang Du We Like You!

Chinese designer Yang Du know's how it's done. Look at this collection!!! Crazyness but I love it and want everything. Inspired by a spiritual journey to India, her collection is going to go on exhibition in the UK, Scotland and New York. Marina and the Diamonds has already snapped up a couple of pieces, damn her!!

Eye Candy.

Haven't posted any trainers for a while have I? Letting the side down, anyway I'm back on track with these beauts. Nike blazer low-'Quilted Pack' were made for my feet. Perfect summer kick.

Spot The Difference.

Erm Miu Miu anyone? Think again!! River Island have done a complete rip off of the lust have SS/10 heel which I have been drooling over ever since I clocked eyes on them. I am definitely going to have to hunt a pair of these down, although I bet every woman in Britain will be doing the exact same thing!! On your marks, get set, Gooooooo!!

Henry Holland for Trekstock.

Was browsing through the Sunday Times 'Style' magazine this last Sunday morning whilst I woke myself up with coffee and a slice of birthday cake and came across this fabulous T-Shirt. Henry Holland for Trekstock, available from at £65. Pretty steep I suppose for a tee but with it being that ace and for a good cause (Trekstock supports teenagers with cancer) I'd be happy to spend my pennies on one.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Liberty for Target.

I'm desperate for a bike! And now I've found that there are Liberty bikes I want one even more!! Currently out of stock though :( get them back in asap pleeeease!!!

Courtney Mc.

An aquaintance of mine is soon going to go through the roof! Such a great talent and not afraid to push the boundaries, as she has used inspiration from 'chavs' for her first collection. Learn more about her here WATCH THIS SPACE!


Browsing on ASOS the other day and came across this designer, I love the clean and simple design to the collection, and the colour palette is lovely and luxurious.

Yum Yum.

Successfully won on eBay this morning. Thankyou!

Swedish Hasbeens.

I told myself I was not going to fall into the trap of the new clog comeback trend, but I'm afraid I couldn't resist the need to lust after a pair of Swedish Hasbeens, especially these delicate looking ones which SJP has already rocked in the recent SATC film. They've done them in silver too which looks simply divine, I want a pair, it's not easy either when I've got them staring at me every day at work in Sarah burning a hole....

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Faster by Mark Fast.

Yep, I've fallen in love again, this time with Canadian born knitwear designer Mark Fast. This collection is his new defusion range Faster by Mark Fast. Blending together fabrics such as lycra, viscose, angora and wool, you just know these pieces of clothing are going to do wonders for curvvvves, lovely jubbly.

Hard Rock Calling!

How I can not WAIT to see these three in concert at Hard Rock Calling. Been waiting years to see Stevie Wonder so I'm buzzing that I've finally got a chance to see him! Full day of fun on the 27th of this month at Hyde Park in London, all I'm hoping for now is that the sunshine will be beaming down to go hand in hand with my beaming smile!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gerlan Jeans!

Drooooling all over the place! As soon as I saw THAT t-shirt in Beyonce's 'Video Phone' I needed to know who it was by, after searching we discovered it was by sportswear brand Gerlan Jeans. This is now by far my favourite label ever ever ever! All simple over sized tee's which a wicked print such as the dripping peace sign in the picture above or of course the alien tee which Beyonce made so famous. Check the rest of their collections online here

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sam Bisso Photography.

I want these on my wall.

And One For The Girls (Or Gays!)...

'Sex and the City 2' was how I enjoyed my Sunday afternoon last weekend. I'd been getting myself hyped up for this film right from when I came out of the cinema from watching the first one! So I wanted to know everything about the four girls and their SATC stories so I decided to go right back to the start and buy the boxsets and watch right from the beginning and in all honesty it has been my favourite thing to watch on TV, EVER!!

Anyway the eagerly anticipated film was infact a little bit of a let down, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it and will most likely buy the DVD and play it to death like I did the first but I just felt that nothing much happened? I was waiting for some huge drama or SOMETHING but it just didn't give it to me. On the other hand the fashion was not a let down! It is a complete drool fest watching this film, never in my life have I ever thought how I'd like to rock a turban until the lovely Miss Carrie Bradshaw unleashed the idea of one! No doubt every girl (and gay) will be sipping on a cocktail, drooling and belly laughing to this light hearted, fun film. Go see it, it's sort of necessary.

One For The Boys...

I've been wanting to write about this for ages but no internet means NO POSTS! Grrrr, anyway, the man with a great ear for music has also got a great eye for sneakers by the looks of things. Just a couple of pieces from his collection with Gucci, Mark Ronson has teamed together with Frida Giannini to produce these quirky but sharp looking pieces of luscious footwear!! How good these would look with a clean cut, skinny legged suit...YES Mark!

Elephant Parade!

So I was visiting a few friends the other weekend back in London and was fascinated as I kept bumping into more and more beautifully decorated Elephants! There were everywhere, 250 to be exact! The elephants have set up camp on the Southbank, Hyde Park and Parliament Square aswell as some other locations in aid to raise awareness of the plight of Asian Elephants. There has been a whole host of designers and artists which have taken part in giving the elephants a make over including Lulu Guinness, Tommy Hilfiger and Jack Vettriano. I'm gutted as I failed to notice the designers/artists of the pictures which I took, beautiful though right? So if you're going to London anytime soon, I'd keep an eye out for these beauts, but be quick as they're only staying until the end of June, then they are off for auction!

Living In York.

Finally I have found a place to blog! York has some fabulous street names but nothing beats this one, I actually thought this was a joke when I first saw it but nope, in actual fact it is real! I love it!