Wednesday, 2 June 2010

And One For The Girls (Or Gays!)...

'Sex and the City 2' was how I enjoyed my Sunday afternoon last weekend. I'd been getting myself hyped up for this film right from when I came out of the cinema from watching the first one! So I wanted to know everything about the four girls and their SATC stories so I decided to go right back to the start and buy the boxsets and watch right from the beginning and in all honesty it has been my favourite thing to watch on TV, EVER!!

Anyway the eagerly anticipated film was infact a little bit of a let down, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it and will most likely buy the DVD and play it to death like I did the first but I just felt that nothing much happened? I was waiting for some huge drama or SOMETHING but it just didn't give it to me. On the other hand the fashion was not a let down! It is a complete drool fest watching this film, never in my life have I ever thought how I'd like to rock a turban until the lovely Miss Carrie Bradshaw unleashed the idea of one! No doubt every girl (and gay) will be sipping on a cocktail, drooling and belly laughing to this light hearted, fun film. Go see it, it's sort of necessary.

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