Thursday, 17 December 2009

Last Night....

...I think I dreamt a record number of crazy, crazy, vivid dreams. The first was that I broke into Tess Daley's house to borrow some clothes whilst I thought she was out, but she ended up being home and I had to explain myself for being there.
The next was that my mum's shop had closed down and I walked up the arcade where it is and then stood looking in the window, crying (which I woke myself up actually crying for real).
The third was I was back in Epsom walking around and I noticed a new department store so I went to look but I was wearing some heels that I couldn't walk in and ended up tumbling all the way down the escalator, so I then went to the bakery to get a caramel shortbread ( Q-Tip served me ) but I had left my purse at home so I ran off because I was so embarrassed.
THEN I was going on a trip to space....yes space, so I got myself sat in the rocket, we took off, then when the seatbelt sign turned off we we're able to walk round the rocket, there was a TK-Maxx, a coffee shop and then you could go out on the balcony where there were hot-tubs, so I got in one to find my friend Eve there. Then a man decided to join us and starting getting jiggy with Eve but they kept trying to push me in the corner and suffocate me! I think I woke up then.
And the last was actually about me being in my bed and there was some sort of force that wouldn't let me move, I couldn't get out of bed or anything and it was controlling my body. Then I ended up being dangled of some building in a kind of Harry Potter looking scene with it being set on fire, but then it broke and someone scared the 'Force' away and it screamed to me that it would be back!!!!
I was exhausted when I woke this morning!!

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