Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Charlotte Taylor.

New label which I love, and I have major respect for it's creator Charlotte Taylor. She trained professionally at Central Saint Martins and since then worked stints with Frost French and Luella, before packing up and heading back to live with her parents in the Isle of Wight to start working on her own label. She also set up a blog to monitor and keep a journal of her journey of becoming a fashion designer. It would be a great one follow if you are an aspiring designer too, as she gives advice on how to get started, where she sources her fabrics, how she creates her moodboards and how to get funding for your work etc. I think this is really great and something which no other designer has done before. So all hail Miss Taylor! Getting her stock in at work which is wicked, hopefully I can get some on uniform...!! Check her blog >>>

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