Friday, 2 October 2009

Glad you're back!!

I am so happy to have Eve back from Germany, I really missed her. She's kipping on our sofa bed at the moment and it's been really nice having her around these past couple of weeks. We have enjoyed many nights of good home made food, gossiping and having fabulous converstation until the early hours of the morning around the dinner table with yummy wine, finding out even more things about everyone that we hadn't already known (didn't think that was possible!) and listening to great music surrounded by fairy lights and candles! We certainly know how to set the scene! I'm going to miss my flat when we move out, and I'm going to miss living with Lauren a hell of alot! My best friend, 2nd mum and bum chum all in one! Sorry, cheesy post here but I freaking love my mates!

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