Friday, 30 October 2009

What a brat...

....So I watched that programme last night where Fearne Cotton goes and spends time with a celebrity and see's what they get up to and what they are reeeeaally like etc, and last night it happened to be with Peaches Geldof. Now I wasn't previously a great fan of her as I have explained in an earlier post but last night just made me not like her even more!
She's got that horrible 'like yar' kind of posh 'I'm sooo cool, can barely even be bothered to talk' kind of accent which really winds me up and such a bratty 'it's my way or no way' attitude towards alot of things.
I felt sorry for Fearne as obviously she was doing her job and trying to get a good interview out of her but Peaches was having none of it and decided she wanted to talk about space instead of herself (when the interview was meant to be about herself) knob.
She just annoyed me, and proved everything I hate about that posh scene kid environment, they're all twats.

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